The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies

The Slovenian Association of Fine Arts Societies is a professional association of fine artists in Slovenia and one of our oldest fine art societies. The association has had a strong impact on Slovenian art scene, it was the initiator of the establishment of the National and the Modern gallery and the Academy of Fine Arts; from 1985 the Association is the  publisher of fine art  magazine, the Art Words, the only Slovenian professional fine art magazine. The Association with 700 members consists of 9 regional associations from Slovenia, is a service for their artists. It follows and records their members’ exhibitions and performance, promote their work and bring it to the public. It organizes exhibitions, events and meetings with artists and similar institutions at home and abroad. It represents interests of artists, considering their social status, cares for their public promotion and offers financial assistance. Association takes care of international connections, innovative approaches to audience development and tests new business and management models, exchange and work with similar associations and artists. It is a window into the world for their members.”